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Chain Mail Armor Protects the Knight Within The Costume!

Chain Mail Armor Protects the Knight Within The Costume!

Any knave may dress the part of the Knight, but to make your costume, I mean dress, really complete, youíll want a fine set of chain mail armor to go underneath.

Why chain mail armor? Are you a simple court jester or do you wish to be called by a title fitting of a Sir or Knight? Then you need suitable chain mail to complete your Renaissance costume. Iím sure in past years the simple tunic and shirt you doffed was more than suitable, but for the coming Renaissance Faire, why not wear something to impress even the Queen herself?

Chain Mail Coifs

First, protect that wisest of minds with chain mail armor designed to fit your head. From Europe to Asia all wise knights know that a chain mail coif is one of the most prized possessions of any medieval warrior. For an affordable armor or headpiece, a Plated Brass Chain Mail Coif is just the thing to protect a warriorís head, regardless if he has a helmet. Chain mail coifs are perfect for protecting the head of any prince or King so that he might wear his crown neatly above his head and not have to choose between rank and armor.

Chain Mail Shirts

Next in protection comes the mighty chest of the warrior. A vest or shirt of chain mail armor will do nicely for protecting the most vital of areas. For your costume to be as historically accurate as possible, nothing but the finest of chain mail shirts will do. Whether ye be a Roman solider, a Denmark prince or Celtic knight, protect thy chest in the finest of chain mail shirts! Here at we carry quality chain mail armor by the finest smithís in the realm perfect for any Renaissance Faire, reenactment or LARP event.

Whether you are a knight who plans to battle or merely walk about the Renaissance Faire and enjoy a few good shows and great ale Ė chain mail armor is a necessity. Find chain mail armor for your costume for an upcoming Renaissance Faire that even the King will approve of here at Pearsonís Renaissance Shoppe!

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