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Medieval Dresses for Lady LARPers

Live Action Roleplaying, or LARPing, is a fast growing hobby amongst Medieval, Renaissance, and Fantasy enthusiasts. LARPing is a gaming activity that places people into actual challenging situations in order to experience the thrill and excitement of what it might have been like in those historically-themed times.

Typically, a person actually creates a character based upon the set of rules that are being observed by their particular LARP. The character will have skills, personality traits, and is fully fleshed out. They then put on period costumes and place themselves in the game world with the other players. These types of events usually occur at camp sites or other such locations. Then, a group of staff members will orchestrate what happens during the course of the event. They will send out merchants or thieves. They might issue proclamations from the King or threats from a neighboring Duke. Some LARPs even use foam or latex weapons to safely conduct combat, in which case the staff will send out all sorts of villains to challenge the players!

But the most important element to making the event as enthralling as possible is through the creation of atmosphere. If people don't act as if they are actually in the world of the game or are not dressed in period clothing, it can be hard to lose yourself in the game world. That is why costuming is so vital. Male LARPers have it a bit easier: They can simply throw on some armor or a tabard and march off on any sort of quest. But it is more difficult to find appropriately-themed clothing for female LARPers.

Most female LARPers tend to wear Medieval dresses. Medieval dresses from are an excellent choice for a LARPer looking for their first or a brand new costume. Medieval dresses will fit in with almost any LARP setting. They bring a classic look and can be applied to any social class, any profession, or any situation. In addition, if you wanted to attend a Renaissance Faire outside of your LARP community, one of Pearsonís Medieval dresses will help you fit right into place while looking great!

Pearson's Medieval dresses are also made with comfort in mind. If you are LARPing on a weekend where the temperature is extremely high, you want to be able to let your body breathe. We offer an array of dresses that allow for this. Or, if you are being chased through the woods by a pack of trolls, you want to be able to move freely so that your character's life will be safe. Many of our Medieval dresses allow for this type of flexibility as well!

If you are looking for Medieval dresses to help complete your LARP costume, you can find an excellent selection here at

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