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Amplify your Renaissance Personality with Renaissance Accessories

Amplify your Renaissance Personality with Renaissance Accessories

Belt buckles, buttons, hair bands – there are so many small touches to consider! Each little piece brings your outfit closer to perfect, closer to being more authentic and believable. The details may not be obvious to all, but something as simple as remembering to wear your Renaissance shoes will help you take on the role you’re playing much more thoroughly. Whether you’re dressing for a play, Renaissance Festival, or costume party, the goal is twofold. You must look and play the part in every way. From the tip of your crown to the bottom of your pirate boot soles, find the right Renaissance accessories here at to make your outfit one really worth believing!

Which Renaissance accessories really matter?

There are many parts to the Renaissance outfit, including the shoes, belts, and headwear. All are essential in their own way, depending on the status and style you intend to wear. It’s also different for men and women, which is why we’ve broken it down to the essential Renaissance Men’s Accessories and Renaissance Women’s Accessories.

Renaissance Men’s Accessories

Gloves – Every Renaissance man needs proper gloves. The hands tend to draw the most attention of all as he strikes a pose. Look at the make and style of gloves he wears while telling a great story, when preparing to fight, or during a sitting for a portrait.

Belts – The most functional of Renaissance accessories for men is the belt. Not just a glamorous piece of beaten leather, the Renaissance belt keeps a nobleman’s trousers aloft, maintaining his respectable presence. A modern belt would be anachronistic, and ruin the effect that a matching belt would provide to the authenticity of your Renaissance costume.

Renaissance Women’s Accessories

Headpieces – What sits on top of a lady’s head helps define her status. She can be defined by every headpiece from the dainty tiara of the Renaissance princess to the Sarmatian headpiece for the Eastern Renaissance lady. Choose a headpiece that declares your status, whether it’s peasant, pirate, princess or anything in between!

Renaissance Jewelry – A lady’s Renaissance costume is always completed with her choice in Renaissance jewelry. The process of selecting Renaissance accessories starts with the necklace, be it a choker, pendant, or jeweled chain. Next, work down the arms to pick out the bracelets, bangles or cuffs to wear. Finally, choose your Renaissance earrings!

When the details are what matters most, make sure you have Renaissance accessories that make you look and feel like a true Renaissance man or woman. Shop the selection of Renaissance accessories from to provide the special touches to your costume today!

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