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Easily Discover the Perfect Renaissance Costume

Easily Discover the Perfect Renaissance Costume

Costumes are a great for parties, performances and other themed activities. A good Renaissance costume can be difficult to find for a reasonable price. At Pearson's Renaissance Shoppe, finding a high quality Renaissance costume at a low price is simple. With a wide variety of Renaissance dresses, tunics, vests and more, this is a one-stop store for all Renaissance needs.


Choose from a selection and find the perfect Renaissance costume. These costumes are realistic and true to the era. For women, there are overdresses and petticoats ranging from maidens to peasants with classic fabrics and popular prints like the Fleur de Lis design. Along with a selection of dresses and costumes that resemble famous Renaissance women with Anne of Cleaves and Scheherazade style costumes. There are also Abita di Firenze dresses, princess gowns, gypsy outfits and traditional riding ensembles.


Men can select from several different items to find a Renaissance costume. There are classic men's shirts styled after typical warriors, engineers and even pirates. Some ensembles are styled after famous characters such as Ezio from Assassin's Creed and Robin Hood. Pants range from tights and hosen to leather and Gothic pants. There is also a selection of kilts and breeches.


There is a great selection of accessories to complete any costume. Leather was a very popular material in the Renaissance era and therefore was used as the primary material for most of the accessories that can found from that time period. This tradition carries on today: Different fabrics, lace and feathers were often chosen for accessories as well. These are trends that come back every few seasons but do not always catch on. Shoes typically included boots, oxfords and flats. Standard accessories included vests, corsets, and belts. Other accessories included embellished footwear, jewelry, hats or veils.


Finding a comfortable, affordable Renaissance costume can be a challenge but at Pearson's there is a lot of tunics, capes and breeches to choose from that won't also break the coffers. For children and adults alike there are plenty of dresses and petticoats as well as tops and pants. No matter the occasion or age group, finding the correct Renaissance costume just got that much easier.

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