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Renaissance Boots: Don't Forget Your Feet!

Aye, I see that you've decided to stop by my humble workspace. I can also see by the holes in the ratty things you've got on yer feet that you are in need of my services. I am the most sought after cobbler in the entire kingdom. Princes, Lords, Ladies, Knights, and all other types of important characters have come to me for their renaissance boots and shoes. Are you an important character? Well of course you are, or else you wouldn't have come to the best! Now why don't you be telling me exactly what you need?

Do you have Men's Renaissance Boots?

Do I have Men's Renaissance Boots? That's like asking the King if he's got a crown? Of course I've got men's boots. That's where I get most of my income. You think Knights go into battle with bedroom slippers on their feet? No! They wear a nice pair of boots that I've made, like these here Cavalier Boots. I'll make footwear for anyone, if the price is right. I even had a bloke come in 'ere last week asking for a pair of Assassin Boots. Reported him to the Constable for that...after I got his down payment of course.

Do you have Women's Renaissance Boots?

Weren't you listening to me when you asked the last question? Why could a cobbler not have Women's Renaissance Boots? Now I must say because ladies are more elegant creatures in general, I takes me time when I make these beauties. A beautiful product for a beautiful lady, I always say. An example of these beautiful products are these Ladies Renaissance Boots that I have over 'ere.

Do you have Children's Renaissance Shoes?

You're just trying to make me mad now ain't ya? Yes you can find Children's Renaissance Boots in my shop. But those little buggers usually got greedy hands, so if you don't keep an eye on 'em, I might have to throw them out of 'ere.

If you want the very best Renaissance Boots in the kingdom, for everyone in your family, make sure come back and visit my shop:! Hope to be seeiní ya soon.

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