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Renaissance Prom Dresses: Invest in a Dress Youíll Actually Wear Again!

Renaissance Prom Dresses: Invest in a Dress Youíll Actually Wear Again!

If there are two things that apply to almost every prom dress on the market it is these: 1.) They are very expensive, and; 2.) You will never wear them again after prom. The combination of these two things can be especially hard to handle as spending a pile of cash on a one-time outfit isnít the most fun thing we can think of to do! Most teens have a tight budget that doesnít allow much room for making big purchases. So when one of those big purchases that youíve been tightening your purse strings for is for something youíll wear just a few hours, it can be daunting. However, if youíre a Renaissance-loving teen who enjoys Renaissance Faires and Festivals, LARPing or Renaissance theater, opting for one of our Renaissance prom dresses will not only complement your style, but give you the opportunity to spend your money on something youíll wear again!

Whether your tastes lean toward slender satin dresses or something more voluminous in velvet, our extensive selection includes designs to satisfy every young womanís Renaissance prom dresses dream! A variety of price points make it easy to stay within budget without compromise, while an exquisite color collection lets you decide if youíll be stunning in scarlet, gorgeous in green, beautiful in blue, breathtaking in black, glamorous in gold, or pretty in purple!

Not Just Because Itís Smart SpendingÖ

While we do feel one of the best things about choosing Renaissance prom dresses is that youíll wear them again, itís not the only reason we love them for this occasion. If you found a thousand dollar dream dress that youíd never wear again and money was of no concern, we would fully support you in that dress decision if it made you happy! But for many of us, myself included, most of the dresses I discover that really take my breath away are Renaissance style. These capture my interests and personality, appeal to my history-loving side, and make me feel feminine, strong and just plain pretty.

I have fun accessorizing them; I love the feel of the fabrics. Iím just a Renaissance prom dresses kind of woman! And if you are too, we think thatís the most important reason to choose one over another more traditional prom dress style. This is your prom with your friends during your oh-so-important-and-unique high school years. There will be no other period quite like this in your life, for better or for worse. And if we can play a small part in making it all the more Ďyouí with our Renaissance prom dresses selection, weíd be honored, milady!

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