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Renaissance Dresses for Merry Weddings

Renaissance Dresses for Merry Weddings

One of the most popular wedding trends happening right now is Renaissance weddings. Couples all over the world are creating their perfect fantasy wedding by wearing Renaissance dresses and outfits, decorating their ceremony and reception locations with Renaissance-styled décor, and using real Renaissance era music. These types of weddings not only allow the couple to perfectly encapsulate their unique personality; they also put a unique and fun spin on common wedding ceremonies. Renaissance weddings give those to be wed and their guests a small glimpse into the traditions and lifestyles of people who lived during the Renaissance period.

There are many different Renaissance dresses and styles you can choose when putting on a Renaissance wedding. Your style can vary depending on taste, “class” of your character, and weather. If you are to be portrayed as upper-class or from nobility, our Renaissance Nobility Velvet Dress is perfect. Inspired by the gorgeous portraits by famed Renaissance artist Lukas Cranach the Elder, this dress is ideal for autumn weddings.

If you plan on having your Renaissance wedding in a warm season, we have plenty of Renaissance dresses that will not only look stunning; they will also keep you cool on your special day. One of our favorite and bestselling Renaissance dresses is our Renaissance Wedding Gown & Veil. This beautiful dress will make you look like a Renaissance princess, with its decorative handmade flowers and white pearls. The 60” matching veil only adds to the majesty of this gorgeous dress.

Another popular trend happening today when it comes to Renaissance weddings is adding a touch of fanciful magic to the ceremony. Turning your Renaissance-themed wedding into a storybook fantasy is easy, especially with the right Renaissance dresses. Take a look at our Medieval Isolde Wedding Dress. This beautiful dress evokes both the Renaissance period and a fairytale. Made from lightweight German cotton and chiffon, this dress features Celtic embroidery and Czech glass and beads, making this one of our most multicultural Renaissance dresses.

The best way to find inspiration for a Renaissance wedding is to look at Renaissance paintings. Many paintings feature accurate depictions of these ceremonies. But above all: use your imagination!

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