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Hooded Cloak: Versatile Clothing That Keeps You Warm In A Medieval Way!

If you are going to a Renaissance Faire, Medieval Event, or Live Action Role Playing game, then you definitely want to have a costume that fits the bill. Events such as these rely upon the atmosphere that its players and participants help create. Although decorations, acting, weaponry, and props are all elements to help create a Medieval atmosphere, perhaps the most essential element is costuming. When you are wearing Renaissance costuming, you help add a lot to the mood. One aspect of a Medieval costume that most people forget, but is actually very versatile, is the Hooded Cloak.

For Status

When you see a Lord or Lady from the Renaissance era, a Hooded Cloak is almost always a part of the outfit. Cloaks help to portray an aura of status: Not only can the individual afford an elegant outfit, but they also can afford a long and luxurious cloak that can be used for a number of different reasons. Some nobles commissioned cloaks to look as exquisite as possible, just to show off their vast wealth. If you are portraying a noble, don't you want others to know that your coin purse is full?

For Protection

A hooded cloak can also go a long way in terms of protection. Most cloaks are made of a heavy material that can help protect the wearer from colder temperatures. Also, in other adverse weather conditions such as wind, the hooded portion of the cloak can help protect the wearer's face from debris blowing in the air. These cloaks also excel at keeping you dry if you are traveling during a rain storm.

For Stealth

A black Hooded Cloak is also ideal for thieves and rogues. If you are attempting to sneak through the woods through the night undetected, a black cloak allows you easily blend into your surroundings. Likewise, these cloaks are excellent for concealment. If you have just stolen an item and you do not want it to be seen by the public, simply tuck it under your cloak. Or perhaps you would like to ambush an opponent? You can hide your weapon under your cloak until the moment is right.

So you can see why a Hooded Cloak can be a valuable addition to your Renaissance ensemble. You find several different types of cloaks that can be used for all these reasons at

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