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What is Steampunk?

Steampunk has been around much of the 19th Century, but has only been termed ”steampunk” since K.W. Jeter called it such in the late 1980s in reference to a series of works by several authors including his own. What is steampunk exactly? Originating as a literary genre it is technically a sub-genre of science fiction and fantasy usually set in a Victorian-type era with steam powered technology of a post-apocalyptic type future or fantasy world.

Starting as literary works Steampunk has moved from the pages of a book into the real world as people become more involved. There are steampunk games, movies, graphic novels, television shows, even music and performance art. Steampunk has even moved into a fashion for comic conventions and live action role playing. There are tons of clothing items with steampunkthemes. Also jewelry and footwear. The style is like a modern twist on Victorian era with steam technology thrown in. Think gears, copper, brass, engraving, polished wood, etching, and glass. The more complex the details the better.

People have even begun to follow the steampunk theme in home décor and all aspects of life. If it can be altered to have a steampunk look it has been done, from small things like watches and clocks, to computers and lamps, all the way up to vehicles and whole homes done over with a steampunk theme.

Steampunk is also considered to have it's own philosophy. Some consider the steampunk philosophy to be a combination of creativity and self-reliance with a Victorian-era-esc optimistic view of the future.

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