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Scottish Kilts: A Symbol of Culture

If you are a student of cultural history, you know that there a lot of unique articles of clothing through the various cultures and time periods. People would oftentimes fashion their clothing based upon geographical needs, climate needs, or simply to look ornate in social settings. Each culture developed a look that was distinct and in many cases is still emulated today either in actual fashion or in reenactment. Clothing can help you learn a lot about the society that generated it. One such example would be the Scottish kilts from the Highland regions of what is today the United Kingdom. These kilts are a stylish example of how geographical and political settings helped to create an iconic piece of attire.

What exactly is a Scottish kilt?

Scottish kilts are simply a tartan blanket wrapped around the body and secured with a brooch. Tartan blankets are heavy duty blankets made from lambís wool and are both comfortable and warm. The thick nature of these blankets helped keep Scottish men safe from briars and other such obstacles while traveling through fields or forests. One important thing to remember is that if you ever somehow get transported back in time, you should never refer to Scottish kilts as ďskirts.Ē That would be a surefire way to get yourself into a heap of tartan trouble!

Why did Scottish men wear kilts?

There were several reasons why they wore Scottish kilts, but they are all rooted in helping to make life more convenient. It is important to keep in mind that the Scots were a hearty people who lived off the land in harsh conditions. They were a good people who enjoyed life for what it was worth. They werenít as refined or stuffy as the nobility in England, so they did not need to concern themselves with being fancy. The main purpose of a kilt was to allow Scottish men to easily answer the call of nature while working in the fields, traveling from village to village, or while fighting in battle. This is especially true in battle, when you donít always have the time to worry about buttons or zippers while other people are swinging swords or shooting arrows at you.

So now you know a little more about Scottish kilts. And if you are interested in recreating this iconic outfit, you can find several different versions of kilts at!

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