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Create Any Character with LARP Outfits

Create Any Character with LARP Outfits

Looking to expand your wardrobe of LARP outfits? Creating more characters for yourself makes LARPing more fun. Try exploring different periods and themes. If you're already into Medieval, consider adding Steampunk or Harry Potter to your repertoire. Keep it simple by remaining in the same period and transforming from lady to wench or archer to monk.

Snag a few accessories on special and see what happens when you interchange them with the LARP outfits you already have on hand. For instance, change your stars from scullery maid to her ladyship when you switch from a boned bodice to a corset and a finer pair of footwear. Blokes can turn from traveling lord into Elven prince with a simple change of tunic and shoes.

Treat your children to a few new LARP outfits, as well. Wee ladies with clan pride can stroll the faire in an Irish dress or a Scottish dress. Maybe your little lady has always dreamt of playing a Forest Fairy, complete with halo, wings and wand. Young masters might wish to promenade in a knightly tunic, wizard cloak or monk robe. Add to their ensemble with Caribbean, Medieval or Renaissance boots and witch, glitter or crystal shoes.

Appropriate jewelry can highlight your LARP outfits. For instance, royalty cannot be seen without their crowns, tiaras, circlets and headpieces, Knightly chains are often worn at feasts, and Medieval ladies might turn a head or two in chainmaile chaplets. Drape your characters' necks with pendants. Pirates would find a pendant with hidden blade of great use. A knight might adorn himself with Thor's Magical Hammer and a clansman with Brannon's Axe. Womenfolk of a clan might be delighted with a Celtic Mandala or Knot.

Accessorize your LARP outfits with cloaks, coats and capes in cotton, wool and velvet, according to their stations and activities. Even a Barbarian needs a wrap, and a knight his fencing cape. A simple maid can cover herself with a modest cotton cloak. An eligible lady may find herself the object of many knightly favors in a taffeta lace cloak or an elegant Queen of Shemakhan wool coat. Have fun creating almost any character you want before you head to your next LARPing event!

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