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Renaissance Shoes: Protect Your Dogs!

Have you ever been at a Renaissance Faire and uttered the phrase, ďMy dogs are killing me?Ē Have you ever been at a Live Action Role-Playing event where itís rained all weekend and your sneakers were soaked? It is difficult to endure events like these without the proper footwear. It is almost impossible to exist comfortably and itís hard to enjoy yourself when your foremost thought is to get off your feet. At, we donít want you to miss out on any of the fun or excitement. We want you to have the best possible time. Therefore, why donít you consider protecting your dogs with some Renaissance shoes?

Menís Renaissance Shoes

We have Renaissance Shoes for men, women, and children. Menís Renaissance Boots give you several options to optimize your costume. You can have the sea-worthy boots of a pirate, or the black boots of an assassin. Maybe you are a knight and you need some Cavalier Boots? Whatever your need, our Renaissance boots will protect your feet, all while looking authentic!

Womenís Renaissance Shoes

We have a large selection of Renaissance Shoes for women as well. Just as with the menís we strive to make our products as authentic as possible. There are two types of categories of Renaissance shoes for the ladies: Pretty Womenís Renaissance Shoes for the maidens, and seductive boots for the pirate wenches. Which one Ďarrr!í you?

Childrenís Renaissance Boots

Donít forget about the feet of your little princess or squire Ė has Renaissance shoes for the little ones, too. We even have Childrenís Pirate Boots just in case your young bucko wants to be a seadog. This way the whole family can go out and enjoy a historic festival together!

So make sure that if you are browsing the marketplace for Renaissance shoes that you stop by You will love our wide selection of shoes and boots that are sure to keep your dogs nice and safe at Renaissance Faires and LARP events.

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