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Pirate Outfits for Kids:  The Young Buccaneers

Pirate Outfits for Kids: The Young Buccaneers

Ahoy there matey! Alright ye scalawags, hurry up and get yourselves on board the ship. The rats be moving faster than you! We be havin' a long ways to venture and only a short time to be getting' there. Ye all have been doin' nothin' but complain to me about how ye haven't seen a lick of treasure for over a month. Now I finally have treasure in me sights and ye all are draggin' yer feet

Now wait here just a minute, ye think ye be pullin' the wool over me eyes? I see that little runt that ye got sneakin' behind you. What do you think this is? The Queen's personal galleon? Ye can't just be doin' whatever ye be findin' fancy. Why is the little squirt with ye? He's yer son? Ye want to be spendin' more time with him? You realize this is pirate ship right? You want him to experience the world? Alright then, but if he is goin' to be findiní high adventures on the Seven Seas, then he at least needs to put on one of these pirate outfits for kids.

The Pirate Colors

Ye see, if there are children to be comin' aboard me vessel, they need to be dressed properly. That is why I be requirin' all to be wearing pirate outfits for kids. Ye see, a lot of people don't take too kindly to pirates. Sometimes people who ought not to be here try to sneak on board. But they are easy to spot because they can never quite get the look just right. Then when we find 'em, we make 'em walk the plank. So you see, if the miniature version of ye isn't wearin' one of these pirate outfits for kids, I might mistakenly send him into the deep! That wouldn't be too good now would it?

Pirate Outfits For the Lasses

When it comes to pirate outfits for kids, I be maintainin' the same rules for the lasses, though we don't see many of them out here amongst the salty brine. They usually think that the pirate way of life is too darin' and dangerous. Plus, we apparently stink a bit! That's what bein' a pirate is all about! But for the few lasses that do come on board, there are pirate dresses to help 'em look like one of us.

If ye be thinkin' of comin' aboard my ship, or any pirate ship for that matter, make sure to visit the talented crew at so that ye be havin' the right pirate outfits for kids and for yourselves well in advance. Now get on the ship!

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