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Wrap your Head around a Waist Cincher

Wrap your Head around a Waist Cincher

What is that thin piece of leather pulled through the loops on your trousers? A belt you say? As a lady, you ought to be sporting a waist cincher to look decent and proper Ė even a bar wench knows that! The waist cincher is a necessary part of any ladyís outfit if she desires to look her best! Let me tell you, most politely, that the waist cincher may be the best decision that you ever made as a young lady.

Why wear the waist cincher?

Mílady doesnít know the many benefits it has to a feminine figure such as yours? Thereís shape, support, style and so much more to be had with our waist cinchersÖ

1. Provides ample support to the bosom, no matter the size

2. Holds the female figure in good posture

3. Slims your middle to conform to an hourglass figure

4. Reduces the belly girth

Donít these cinchers sound just like corsets?

Take heed, silly, a cincher will go on the outside of your clothing, not the inside where your corset would pull your figure inwards! The cinchers that we offer are also considered by many to be more comfortable, and can be adjusted to a style more fitting to your need for breathing!

Looking for a particular style of cinchers?

Here at, youíll find the finest selection of threads, cuts, and colors of waist cincher sets. Radiant purples, ravishing reds, and bold blacks are just a few of the colors you can mix and match for your preferred coloring and style.

Must I match my outfit?

To make matters easy on you, we offer our complete sets Ė cinchers already matched to a chemise and skirt. There are many colors and styles to choose from among these sets, so never fret. You and your friends can choose similar colors but different cincher sets, or different colors in similar styles of skirt and chemise.

The respectable ladyís waist cincher sets feature a full length skirt that reaches the floor and full length sleeves Ė a modest choice that allows you to demurely cover up all leg and arms from sight! Bolder wenches may prefer our short jagged hem skirts paired with a short sleeved chemise, allowing for the display of ornate arm jewelry and tattoos.

Ladies, wenches, and pirates alike know the pleasures and benefits of a waist cincher. Come check out the fares of to see the many waist cincher sets to choose from!

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