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Save Maid Marian in an Authentic Robin Hood Outfit

Save Maid Marian in an Authentic Robin Hood Outfit

There are few legends in folklore more popular than Robin Hood. Everyone is familiar with at least one version of the story. The version of the tale that most people are familiar with involves Robin Hood and his Merry Men stealing from the rich in order to help the downtrodden poor. In this legend, Robin Hood butts heads with Prince John, who is presiding over the throne while King Richard is away, fighting in the Crusades.

In order to build the perfect Robin Hood outfit, you should first look at old drawings and representations of the character. Robin Hood and his Merry Men are very often identified as wearing Lincoln green clothing. Lincoln green is a deep warm olive green. Starting at the top and using this shade of green as a starting point, you will see that our Robin Hood Moss Green Hat has the perfect weathered look and color. You will truly look like an inhabitant of Loxley while wearing this highly detailed hat. Moving down, we have a large variety of tops, like our Outlaw Hooded Shirt, that help fill out the iconic look. Remember, part of the Robin Hood legend is that Robin was known as a brilliant archer, so you want to be sure you can freely move your arms in your top. If the weather is on the chilly side, you can always wear a Huntingdon Overtunic or a Leather Infantry Gambeson. These will keep you warm and also remain in the Robin Hood outfit aesthetic.

As for pants, donít think you are doomed to a life in tights. Even though old-time films portray Robin Hood as wearing green tights, it isnít necessary, especially if the weather isnít ideal for tights. Our Locksley Pants, made from durable heavy cotton, are detailed to look period accurate and save you from tights. Footwear can really give your Robin Hood outfit an extra authentic ďkick.Ē At, we offer Locksley Boots. These boots are not only warm, but they are also durable and comfortable, making them perfect for sneaking off into the woods with a sack of a rich manís money.

For more ideas, or to see our full selection of Robin Hood outfit options, visit today!

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