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Spring & Summer Fashions for Renaissance Fans

Spring & Summer Fashions for Renaissance Fans

Renaissance fashion typically features thick and heavy fabrics in dark colors. While this look is stunning to look at, it becomes uncomfortable and downright unbearable to wear in the hot sun. Have you ever tried to remain active while wearing a long dress made from rich purple velvet? Itís not only uncomfortable but also dangerous, as heat exhaustion can lead to a myriad of other health problems. You can retain the classic Renaissance look and still remain cool by checking out our Renaissance chemise selection. Not sure how to look authentically Renaissance in one? Let us at Pearsonís Renaissance Shoppe help you learn all about Renaissance chemise fashion!

When one imagines Renaissance fashion, a Renaissance chemise may not be the first image that pops into oneís head. Donít worry! Once a Renaissance chemise is incorporated into a full outfit, it will be hard not to think of this lightweight, comfortable piece of clothing at the mere mention of the word, ďRenaissance.Ē First, you need to decide what color Renaissance chemise youíd like to wear. This will help you find the rest of your outfit. Chemises come in all sorts of colors and styles. Letís say the weather will be very warm and sunny; in this case, youíll want to wear a white Renaissance chemise. White is a great color to start with because it will go with just about everything. You can find chemises in either a shirt or dress style. If you choose the dress style, all you need to do is accessorize and you have a full Renaissance outfit ready to go. If you decide to go with the shirt style Renaissance chemise, youíre only halfway done!

Taking our warm weather day into consideration, youíll probably want to stick to lighter colors for your outfit. Try a Gathered Skirt or a Medieval Skirt with Apron. Both options feature flowing fabrics and a light color that will keep you cool in the sun. As far as accessories go, youíll want to keep it light in order to stay cool. A simple Crystal Butterfly Headband will not only enhance the authenticity of your outfit, it will keep your hair out of your face.

Take a look through our Womenís Medieval Clothing section to find more ideas for warm weather outfits. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by emailing!

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