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Renaissance Jewelry: Complement Your Costume

If you are someone who loves to attend LARP events or Renaissance faires, you know how important it is that your costume looks authentic. There is nothing worse than a hastily put together Renaissance costume to help take away from the amazing atmosphere that can be created at a Renaissance-themed event. When you have people in authentic full-blown Renaissance costumes, you can easily lose yourself in the atmosphere.

Therefore, you want to make sure your Renaissance costume is as complete as possible so that you can help contribute to the Renaissance environment. You also want to be able to easily meld into the role you are portraying. One way you can do this is by complementing your costume with Renaissance jewelry. Although the clothing in and of itself is a great start, the right pieces of Renaissance jewelry really serve to bring a costume together! You can find a great selection of Renaissance jewelry at

Medieval Crowns

What is a Monarch without a crown? If you are portraying any type of royalty, you need to have a means to let your subjects know when they should give way. The Medieval crown is an iconic image that always garners respect. At Pearson's, you can find crowns geared for any type of royalty, whether you are a divine right monarch who wants the most ornate crown you can find, or you are a princess who is looking for a beautiful tiara.

Renaissance Necklaces

Another item of Renaissance jewelry that can really make a costume standout is a Renaissance necklace. A necklace can help your costume in a multitude of ways. The first is that if you are a identifying as a member of the upper class, you can show off your great wealth with these exquisite pieces. Or, if you are planning on creating a LARP character and you need a compelling back story, perhaps you can use a Renaissance necklace as a focal point. Many great personal stories involve intricate pieces of Renaissance jewelry that once belonged to a parent, are vital elements in a larger plot, or are symbols to let others know specific traits about the character. You never know what kind of creativity you will find when you complement your costume with Renaissance jewelry!

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