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Steampunk Leather Corset: A Fashion Find for the Ages

Steampunk Leather Corset: A Fashion Find for the Ages

A steampunk leather corset is an ideal addition to any Renaissance-inspired closet. It is lovely for costumes, special occasions, or even daily wear when you wish to turn a few heads. A steampunk leather corset is perfect when paired with Renaissance-themed dresses or shirts, though it looks just as striking when worn over a simple tank with a pair of jeans.

Wearing a steampunk leather corset is simple. Long gone are the days that corsets were made in a one-size-fits-all fashion. Traditional corsets were very tightly tied, often causing the women who wore them to pass out from lack of oxygen. Now, corsets are available in multiple sizes. Some styles are made to fit a wide range of waists, while others are specifically catered to a certain size. Furthermore, the dramatic narrowing of the corset has been replaced with more natural curves. Waists are narrowed by only a few inches when corsets are properly worn, enhancing a womanís shape rather than trying to completely alter it.

Many corsets now use zippers for easy wear and removal. Others still use one long lace to tie the corset on. Tying a corset is very simple; it is similar to lacing an athletic shoe! However, the holes at the waistline are threaded with a puller loop so that the corset can be worn as loosely or tightly as the wearer wishes.

Caring for a steampunk leather corset is quite simple as well. After the corset is worn, it should not be washed like most clothing, but left to air out with the lining side facing up. Lightly rub a dryer sheet across the corset to combat odors or use a deodorizing spray that is made specifically for delicate clothing.

If a steampunk leather corset becomes soiled and must be washed, there are choices that allow for a clean corset that take little time. Dry cleaners are well-versed in cleaning all manner of delicate clothing items, but even that expense can be avoided in most cases. Simply use a light amount of water to clean the soiled area. The remainder of the corset can be left dry. A corset should be completely free from any type of moisture, including sweat and deodorizing spray, before being hung. Once the corset is dry it may be folded over a hanger and hung until its next use. Placing a corset in a drawer may cause it to lose its shape.

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