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Medieval Boots: A LARPing Must!

Medieval Boots: A LARPing Must!

Have you ever heard of LARPing? A LARP is an acronym for the hobby known as Live Action Role Playing. This is a hobby where you actually go out to a location, usually a campsite, put on a costume, and act out what your character would do. While there, the game staff who will administrate the event keep the story moving, sending out other characters, and depending on your particular LARP, sending out monsters for you to fight! In this hobby, fighting is safely conducted with foam or latex weapons. It can be a lot of fun for those who can really get into character and want to physically experience an adventurous world typically reserved to books and video games.

Medieval Boots are Ideal for Camping Terrain

Since most LARPs happen at campsites, there can be a lot of difficult terrain. The terrain demands reliable footwear so that your legs can stand up to a whole weekend of action. Also, considering that most LARPs are set in Medieval fantasy, Medieval boots are exactly what youíll need to protect yourself properly and complete your costume!

Imagine you are sitting in the middle of town and you see a man dressed in black appear from the brush and strike down your comrade. You take off after the man, trying to avenge your friend. Your chase takes you over wooded terrain, across a stream, and through a rocky pass. If you don't have adequate Medieval boots, not only will your feet and legs be sore, but you may lose your footing and the assailant will escape. This cannot be permitted!

Fantasy Characters and Costumes Wear Medieval Boots!

The Medieval boots youíll find here at Pearson's will help you finish your costume no matter what type of character you'd like to play. For example, if you plan on being a knight or soldier, you can complete your costume with these dependable and sturdy Lancelot Medieval boots. Or maybe you were interested in playing a cut-throat rogue that takes on the pirate life? Then you may be interested in these Captain Jack Pirate Boots. We have Medieval boots for the ladies too. If you plan on adventuring with the men-folk, you can do so with these beautiful womenís Victorian boots.

When it comes to LARPing, sturdy shoes or boots are a necessity. Medieval boots not only help you keep your footing, but they also will add that finishing touch to your costume. Make sure to browse through our entire selection as we have bountiful boots for men, women, and children!

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