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Steampunk Corset: A Cinching Costume Essential

Steampunk Corset: A Cinching Costume Essential

The Steampunk genre draws upon two separate elements to create its distinct and extremely unique visual appeal: The Victorian era and steam power. This is evident in the literature surrounding the genre, artwork depicting the genre, and the costumes that fans don when attending Steampunk themed events. The costumes that you will find in our Steampunk selection all incorporate these particular traits so that if you are considering purchasing Steampunk attire, you can be sure you will fit right in at any convention you may attend!

At you will find all sorts of Victorian attire such including this stunning Steampunk Dress, this fashionable Steampunk Vest, and this absolutely amazing Steampunk Corset.

A Steampunk Corset: The Basic Women's Costume

When it comes to woman's Steampunk costumes, there is one component that is evident in almost every single outfit: The Steampunk corset. The corset was a very popular clothing item during the Victorian era. Since the most popular setting for the Steampunk genre is Victorian era Britain, the corset has translated into most costuming designs.

Victorian era women were supposed to possess the ever popular ďhourglass shape,Ē which consisted of a very trim waist and full hips and bust. The corset was designed specifically to accomplish this goal. While worn around the waist, the corset can be tightened and cinched to help draw the mid-section inward while pushing out the bust. The corset also assisted in better distributing the weight of heavy dresses that were also associated with the time period, which is also true of a Steampunk corset if you plan on wearing full regalia.

Another aspect of the Steampunk corset is that when looking specifically at this genre, the corsets are made to fit right in with the visual appeal. Anyone who is wearing a Steampunk corset will be easily identifiable with the genre due to their distinct designs. In most instances women will wear the corset as the outermost garment, sometimes along with pants as opposed to the traditional dress. It is this unique versatility that makes the corset such a popular choice in Steampunk fashion.

If you are interested in putting together a Steampunk costume, the corset should be something you consider including. And if you would care to view the many types of costume pieces available to you, make sure to travel to our Steampunk section where several stylish corsets await!

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