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Steampunk Costumes: Captivating Costumes for the Steampunk Explosion

Steampunk Costumes: Captivating Costumes for the Steampunk Explosion

When we started, we had one big goal in mind: Provide Renaissance enthusiasts with authentic, unique, comfortable and durable costumes. We also wanted to make sure that the selection that was available was wide enough that anyone could find the perfect outfit for the type of character or role that they wanted to play. Pick any type of persona you want, and you can find it here: Queen, noble, cleric, tavern keep, pirate, wizard, elf, assassin, and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

However, there was one thing we did not anticipate in the beginning (and how could we?!): The Steampunk explosion! We had been aware that Steampunk was a very popular genre that was complemented by literature, conventions, and several online communities with many members. But we were very surprised to see the rapid growth of the niche to the point of charging ahead at…well…full steam! Since we know that a lot of our fans are also fans of the Steampunk movement, we wanted to make sure to accommodate you with a superior selection of high-quality Steampunk costumes.

What exactly is Steampunk?

Steampunk is one of the sub-genres closely associated with science fiction. Normally, science fiction involves dramatic space sagas, high-tech computerized thrillers, or high-concept worlds that are simply in the future and therefore more technologically advanced. Steampunk is unique in the sense that rather than looking forward to imagine what future technology might look like, it travels back to the Victorian era and imagines what life would have been like, had the people of that era had greater technology.

The technology that is usually incorporated into both Steampunk culture and Steampunk costumes is steam power. Steam engines will power homes, equipment, airships, and various gadgets. Sometimes, Steampunk costumes even incorporate smaller, transportable steam engines to provide energy for gizmos that are attached right to the costume itself. One of the more identifiable features of the genre is that all of the homemade gadgets are also propelled by a system of gears, usually made of brass.

Another popular element of the genre that can also be found represented in Steampunk costumes is the appeal to the Victorian era. Whether it is a fancy and flowing dress accompanied by a parasol, or a regal trench coat complete with top hat and cane, it is easy to see why the Victorian era so perfectly matches the steam-powered component of the genre.

So now that you know a little bit more about the Steampunk genre, you can think about how to assemble your own Steampunk costumes! There are several conventions around the country where enthusiasts love to come together in costume to display their love for this rapidly-growing niche, and we’re proud to offer a stunning selection of options to help you dress the part.

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