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Renaissance Attire: Find Your Character

Whether you are interested in Renaissance attire for Renaissance faires, theater, Live Action Role Playing, or simply an impressive Halloween costume, you can be sure that the costumes youíll find at will impress. These costumes are extremely high quality, pay close attention to detail, and are made to keep you comfortable even in very hot or cold temperatures. When you put on one of our costumes, you will slowly start to transform into the character that you are trying to portray. Exceptional Renaissance attire can certainly make or break the type of event that you are attending!

Renaissance Faires

Renaissance attire is probably the most important element of maintaining a Renaissance atmosphere at a faire. Humans are visual beings, so regardless of how well a person acts the part, they really need to look the part to be believable. Authentic Renaissance costumes not only help achieve this goal, but also help the Faire-goer stay in character. It is hard to not act like a gallant knight when you are dressed as one!

Live Action Role Playing Games

Live Action Role Playing games, or LARPs, are another type of scenario where Renaissance attire will come in handy. A LARP is a type of game where you create a character and then actually role play that character within the world of a game. Usually these types of games are based upon the Medieval era, which is why it is important to have corresponding clothing. In this scenario, players are encouraged to remain in character for longer durations of time. Nothing helps this more than stunning, top-quality, authentic Renaissance attire.

Therefore, if you want some extra help getting into and staying in character, you're going to want a convincing piece of costuming. You can find authentic, comfortable, and affordable Renaissance attire at to fulfill any type of role you may be playing!

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