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LARP Clothing: For Alternate Reality Immersion

LARP Clothing: For Alternate Reality Immersion

Image the following scenario: You live in a small village in the middle of the woods during the Medieval times. It is a dark and chilly night in October as you are getting ready to turn in for the evening. You suddenly hear a scream from outside. You look out a window but don't see anything out of the ordinary. One of your neighbors suddenly knocks on your door with such force, you're afraid it'll fall off it's hinges. You are told that several townsfolk have gone missing and a search party is being organized. You agree to help out your friends in need and head out into the night, with nothing but a sword in your hand and your friends by your side.

Sound like something out of a movie? This could be something that you can encounter for yourself if you were involved with a Live Action Roleplaying Game, or a ďLARPĒ for short. A LARP is an interactive game where you literally become your character and use specially made weapons to take on anything that the game universe sends your way. The game is put on by a group of people who design challenges for you to overcome.

One way that can help you completely immerse yourself in a gaming environment is with LARP Clothing. LARP Clothing is costuming that is themed to appear as though it is right out of the Medieval or Renaissance era, so that you look as though you belong in the time period. LARP Clothing is the last element needed to help transform you from the present day, back in time.

Imagine in the above scenario, if you go out in the middle of the night to help look for the missing townsfolk, when you look at the people helping you, would you rather see someone wearing LARP Clothing, or someone wearing jeans and a novelty t-shirt? Help keep the fantasy alive by dressing up in the appropriate LARP Clothing if you are headed out to your first game.

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