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Medieval Clothing is Perfect for Beginning LARPers

Medieval Clothing is Perfect for Beginning LARPers

Have you ever heard of LARPing? LARPing is an acronym that stands for Live Action Role Playing game. If you have ever played Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft, then LARPing might be something you'd be interested in. LARPing takes fantasy gaming to the next level where you actually get up and play your character in person. There are various LARPs around the world, and most take place at campsites to help detract from modern world distractions. The group who runs the game will set up the camp to look as Medieval as possible and then actually put together a plot complete with monsters and enemies who are out to get you. Your character has to respond and react to the challenges placed in front of you, all while interacting with other players and the game world. Depending on the LARP, there may even be live combat with foam or latex weapons.

The most interesting aspect of a LARP is that all of the staff members and the players work together to keep the atmosphere of the game as authentic as possible. One way to do this is with costuming. Medieval Clothing is the most common, and most effective costume piece. Since most LARPs are set in a Medieval fantasy world, simply donning Medieval Clothing helps transform you into the game world. It is also easy to find and easy to put an intricate costume together. can help you find Medieval Clothing for your character's costume. Looking to be a wealthy merchant? We have finer articles of clothing that will help you create an aura of sophistication. Maybe you're looking to be a dashing knight? Our knightly tabards, combined with our Medieval Armor, will have you earning the respect of your fellow players in no time. Perhaps you've come to the game intending to make a fortune for yourself through unconventional means. We have Medieval Clothing that will help you be inconspicuous, or appear like a shadow in the night.

We highly suggest that you learn more about LARPing, as it is an excellent hobby that is extremely entertaining. If you need help with your costume, explore the Medieval Clothing at

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