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Elizabethan Clothing Fit for the Era

Elizabethan Clothing Fit for the Era

Twas a time of hunting for entertainment, traveling by horse, and eating with your hands. The rich would go hawking, jousting, and attend other noble sports. All people of the realm were invited to see a play at Shakespeareís Globe theatre for mere pennies. It was during this time that laws governed dress and even gown colors. The era was Elizabethan England, and the ruler of course, the grand Elizabeth I. To dress for this fine, noble era means to be very selective about which of the Elizabethan clothing you choose to wear. Twas a long era, with many fashions from peasant to noble, all which must be followed to respect the era properly.

Only the nobles had chairs, so if youíre dressing for a peasant status be sure to choose one of our sturdier clothing selections Ė and donít be afraid to muss it up a bit! To be fair, getting dirty and sitting in the dirt will only make your Elizabethan clothing even more realistic and believable. We apologize that our garb is not shipped with genuine Elizabethan dirt!

Ladies, stay in the finest fashion by following the styles of the Queen herself. Dress in fine ruffled Elizabethan clothing, and twist your hair up in the back to create a heart shape behind your head. Admire our fine Elizabethan clothing for ladies, for in fact we carry both early and later Elizabethan period clothing. Choose a dress with ruffled sleeves and a V shaped waist to match early in the era; for later period pieces a tight sleeved, straight waist dress will keep you in style!

Men, dress is an important thing for you as well Ė just as much as any ladyís garb of the Elizabethan era! Donít forget to wear your jerkin over your shirt. To protect from elements and keep in style try our leather jerkin on for size. As for your pants, since youíll be doing a lot of walking or horse riding, be sure to find a pair of comfortable Elizabethan pants. Our Elizabethan clothing selection features many bottoms; itís up to you to decide if youíll be puffing out a pair of knee lengths pants to stay in style! Model your look after the great playwright Shakespeare as well by allowing your sleeves to puff out from your jerkin, adding his signature fine hat topped with a feather plume!

What a time it was! The Elizabethan Era is well worth remembering and celebrating in the finest Elizabethan clothing. Find your Elizabethan clothing, accessories and costumes here at

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