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7 Signs that a Gypsy Costume is for You

7 Signs that a Gypsy Costume is for You

A life on the road, days spent riding out in caravans, nights in tentsÖ itís the life of the gypsy Ė but is it for you? Many people are surprised to realize that rather than a simple peasant costume or traditional medieval garb, the gypsy costume has a lot to offer. Here are seven signs the gypsy costume is the one for you!

1. If you have a head for saucy comments and canít wait to poke fun at the aristocracy, then sport the fine threads of a gypsy wench costume. The gypsy wench is the sassiest lady at the Ren Faire Ė if you dare call her a lady! When you tire of speaking formal Elizabethan, try the gypsy wench!

2. Do you have a desire to dress daringly? Choose the gypsy costume to be the boldest wench at the faire, not just the regular tavern wench. Wear the ruffled chemise top as low as you please, fitted under a twill bodice to build a daring neckline made all the more impressive with your necklaces and other jewelry.

3. Looking for a lightweight, warm weather costume? An airy gypsy costume with a gypsy skirt and top will make for a seductive look that doesnít weigh down like those other medieval outfits. Perfect for an indoor role playing event or convention!

4. Want to show off that beautiful belly? Pick from a variety of midriff exposing gypsy costumes to pair with a belly chain or metal belt.

5. The gypsy persona is perfect for when youíve just learned a new talent, such as belly dancing, folk dancing or even modern dance. The gypsy costume gives you a reason to break into dance at your faire or LARPing event!

6. Both Ren faire visitors and LARPers alike struggle with the costs of costuming. If youíre in this rocky boat, why not check out the many affordable options of dressing as a gypsy. Gypsy skirts are always stylish and affordably priced Ė a perfect option for a costume on a budget Ė and can be matched with any of your large, showy jewelry pieces.

7. When the other costume is at the cleaners, you suffer a spill on your skirt, or you just tire of your other costume, have a gypsy back up costume on hand. Not only is it easy to store so you can take it along with you just in case, the individual pieces can be mixed and matched for a different outfit every time!

Show off that best feature, your new dancing skills or just embrace your nomad nature in a gypsy costume from

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