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Prepare for your First Renaissance Faire with Pearsonís Renaissance Clothing!

Prepare for your First Renaissance Faire with Pearsonís Renaissance Clothing!

Tis quite a common occurrence to hear many a lass and lad ask, ďHow might I prepare myself for my first Renaissance faire?Ē Luckily, when they ask us, theyíve asked the right people!

How to Prepare for Thy First Renaissance Faire

One of the first things you must undertake before attending a Renaissance Faire is to decide on your Renaissance clothing. Most Renaissance faires will be tied to a particular theme or era of the Renaissance. Youíll find that every year there is something new and exciting at the faire, in part because the theme for each yearís Renaissance season will alter as well. While it very well may, your Renaissance clothing doesnít have to match that theme or even fit contemporary Renaissance clothing styles. These events are meant to be fluid and fun! You can choose to be a knight, a pirate, a steampunk lady, or wench, regardless of the theme!

Must I act as the type of clothing I wear all day?

A myth we must dispel! The Renaissance clothing you don neednít decide your entire persona for the day at the faire! You need not wear a persona to the faire; you can have fun just being yourself. Only if you choose to must you speak and act according to the clothes you wear (which incidentally is quite fun!). Many fairegoers find it easiest to stick to the Elizabethan tongue, but wonít judge if you donít respond in a similar manner. At any point you can choose to jump in and out of a persona by conversing as a pirate or court member. The point is to have a great time and enjoy yourself with other fun folks!

Just as at any performance, be it a movie theatre or play, many Renaissance faires will ask that you silence your mystical mobile devices. Itís most polite to do so, for there are many shows that go on nearby, sometimes when you least expect it. Plus, itís nice to unplug for a day and just live in the moment. While many fairegoers just like you are dressed in Renaissance clothing, there may be performers in your midst. Be warned! These roaming performers will notice your strange futuristic device if left out, so be ready to answer their questions! (Tis all in good jest though!)

Whenever your first Renaissance Faire trip is planned for, be prepared by choosing your Renaissance clothing beforehand with friends and other fairegoers so you might all make a formidable troop! Pick from the fine threads and Renaissance clothing here at, as well as Renaissance accessories to complete your first Renaissance Faire experience!

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