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Pearsonís Period Costumes are Perfect for Renaissance Faire Attendees

Pearsonís Period Costumes are Perfect for Renaissance Faire Attendees

If you never have been to a Renaissance Faire, and you are a fan of history, fantasy, the Medieval era, the Renaissance era, or even theatre, you should really try to get to one this year! Renaissance faires are a plethora of fun, food, games, and excitement and can really be enlightening for those who wish to learn what times were like back in that era. These types of events are also an excellent way to meet other enthusiasts for this specific genre.

Not only can you learn a lot about history at a Renaissance faire, but you at times can feel like you've been transported back to those times. As you wander around the faire grounds and see all of the reenactors in their Medieval period costumes, it's like you're walking down a street in the Middle Ages. When you see actual knights compete in a joust competition, you get the sense of what combat was like in that era. Watching real blacksmiths working over a hot forge allows you to appreciate the hard work that was required to survive.

That is why if you do decide to venture to a Renaissance faire, we recommend that you dress up in period costumes as well. Period costumes allow you to immerse yourself into the atmosphere of the occasion as well as interact with other faire-goers. Other reenactors will recognize your desire to experience Medieval times and freely interact with you in kind, which always provides a great opportunity for entertainment and a true day away from modernity! Some faires even give prizes for the ďbest dressedĒ attendee, which is surely something to strive for.

Where can I find Period Costumes?

You can find authentic Renaissance period costumes right here at, of course! No matter what type of character you'd like to play, be it a knight, monk, thief, pirate, princess, queen, or wizard, you can find the correct elements you need to make a complete costume. We even offer stunning Renaissance accessories so that you have yourself completely covered and looking like you walked right off the page of a history book.

If you go to a Renaissance Faire donning an authentic ensemble, you will be amazed at how much you feel like you've traveled back in time. You will also be surprised to see how many other people will interact with you. Just be careful: Some of the seasoned veteran actors really stay in character and can catch you off guard!

If you do make it to a Renaissance Faire, we hope you have an enjoyable time. And donít forget to tell your friends to wear period costumes as well; you donít want them to embarrass you in a t-shirt and jeans!

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