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Chainmail Shirts:  Prepare For Battle!

Chainmail Shirts: Prepare For Battle!

Alright men, everybody listen up! I have some important news that you all have to hear. Our sentries have reported that they have seen an enemy army moving toward the castle! It is a sizable force and it will take all of our cunning to bring them to heel. We are comfortably certain that they are unaware that we are wise to their presence within our boarders. Therefore, the element of surprise is firmly on our side. We must act quickly so that we can be prepared and hit them when they least expect it. I want all of our regiments to form up as we will need every element of the army!

For starters, I want the infantry to equip themselves with everything they need to sustain heavy combat. There is a chance that until we spring our trap our foot soldiers will have to hold the main battle line. Therefore, all infantrymen shall be outfitted with pikes, shields, swords, and chainmail shirts. The extra armor is needed to protect during extended combat. The chainmail shirts will give the extra protection but will still let you move enough to be effective in combat. You may have to move a lot today, which is why I did not want you in plate mail. We will have the infantry waiting near the rock gorge that leads into the valley. An army of that size must take that trail.

Now, to our archers. You will be stationed in small groups at various locations atop the gorge. Your job will be to fire quick and concentrated volleys at our opponents, then quickly move so that they are unaware of your position. We want them to think that we have more archers than we actually do. If we can disorient the enemy, then our foot soldiers will have a greater chance of achieving victory. I do not want the archers wearing chainmail shirts as it may weigh them down too much as they keep moving.

Horsemen! You will form the crux of our plan. As soon as we conclude this meeting, I want you to ride hard until you are through the gorge. Once through, break into two companies and make camp well off either side of the road. Once the enemy is heavily engaged with our infantry, you will charge them from the rear. This will cause a panic within their ranks and make our victory all the more real. You shall also be equipped with chainmail shirts, in case you should be knocked from your mount.

To your posts men! Up and to your posts! You must give everything you have to defend the kingdom. If you have not yet been outfitted with your chainmail shirts, report to and make haste: Time is of the essence!

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