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Robin Hood Costumes: Historically Accurate Garb

Robin Hood Costumes: Historically Accurate Garb

One of the most recognizable characters when it comes to the Medieval era is Robin Hood. Robin Hood was the fabled hero who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. He waged a guerrilla campaign in order to keep the villainous Prince John disoriented until King Richard the Lionheart returned to England from the Crusades to rightfully reclaim the throne. He is also well known for rescuing Maid Marion from the clutches of the Prince. The character of Robin Hood certainly carries through the hearts of all those who are Renaissance era enthusiasts!

Therefore, it is important to note that at, we have a number of Robin Hood costumes that you can use if you were interested in replicating this era or these characters. An extra little bonus that we will mention is that a lot of these Robin Hood costumes are actually replica models of the same costumes worn by the actors in the 2010 movie “Robin Hood” staring Russell Crowe!

Robin Hood Costumes for Renaissance Events

There are several types of events that occur that call for Medieval outfits or Robin Hood costumes. The most obvious type is the traditional Renaissance faire. However, we are familiar with countless others: Live Action Role Playing, historical reenactments, historical education, Renaissance themed dinners, and so forth. Robin Hood could play an important role for any of these occasions. Even if the character himself does not fit in with the event, then Robin Hood costumes still provide the festivities with an authentic and historical atmosphere.

Robin Hood Costumes for Theatre

There is always a need for Medieval era costuming in the world of theatre. No matter what show you are putting on, you know that having Robin Hood costumes in your wardrobe room is never a bad idea. This is especially true if you have an improv or comedy troupe within your theatre company. But that can also be true about almost all of the Renaissance costumes you’d find at Pearson’s!

So if you are looking to actually become Robin Hood himself at a Renaissance Faire, or you just need some Medieval costumes for a production set in the Medieval era, make sure to look at our authentic Robin Hood costumes and prepare to play the part of one of the most beloved characters ever known!

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