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Kids Renaissance Costumes: Another Day than Halloween!

Think back to your childhood. Were you the type of kid who liked to dress up? Were you always using your imagination to create fun and exciting adventures? Did you always like to supplement your imagination with a costume? But you really couldn't wear your favorite costume outside of the house. Other than Halloween, there were very few occasions where you could dress up at all. That's why if you are going to a Renaissance Faire, and you've got children, you can offer them another day during the year to dress up in a costume. Be the cool parent you always said you’d be! You can find a number of high quality Kids Renaissance Costumes at

Boys Renaissance Costumes has a number of Kids Renaissance Costumes for children of all shapes, sizes, and imaginations. Does your son want to be a gallant knight who goes out to slay the ferocious dragon? Then he might like this Child's Knightly Tunic. Or maybe your son has always been captivated by the story of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Now he can dress up as Robin Hood and have a friend dress up as text Friar Tuck. There is even a Captain Hook outfit available if he is a fan of the Peter Pan story.

Girls Renaissance Costumes If ever there was a Kids Renaissance costume that a girl would love to own, it would be an elegant, enchanting Princess costume. If your little girl's dream is to be a fairy tale princess, with the outfits you can find at, your daughter will be the prettiest princess at the faire. An example of one beautiful kids Renaissance costume that we have is this Queens Formal Gown for women perfectly!

Medieval Accessories and Renaissance Shoes We also have other items that can help complete your kids Renaissance costumes: Accessories and Shoes. Our Children's Medieval Accessories include capes, halos, and fairy wings. Our Children's Renaissance Boots and Shoes selection provides you with a wonderful collection of footwear options to include pirate boots, saddle shoes, Mary Jane style shoes, and Renaissance boots.

With the items that you find at, you will be sure to find amazing Kids Renaissance Costumes that your children will love wearing at a Renaissance Faire. If your children prize these costumes as much as we’re sure they will, they can even double as Halloween costumes, which could save you a couple of extra dollars!

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