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Historical Costumes for Women in a Pinch

Historical Costumes for Women in a Pinch

If youíre a Renaissance period enthusiast, LARPer, or someone who specializes in historical theatre, then you know opportunity can strike at any time. You never know when youíll need historical costumes for women with little or no advance warning. Renaissance faires, period theatrical productions, and large-scale LARP games can be announced quickly and this will result in a sudden spike in the need for authentic womenís costumes. How can you be sure youíre ready? Hereís a handy guide that will help you pull together pieces you may already have to create new, beautiful historical costumes for women.

First, you want to start with some sort of blouse. If you stick to neutral colors, like white, it will be easier to find layers that will match. If you open your closet and see a white blouse or chemise, youíre already in great shape! This blouse or chemise will serve as your base layer. From here, you can start to find something that will complement your torso.

Since you may not have a full dress ready, it will probably be advantageous for you to find separates that will come together nicely. A suede or twill bodice will look great when worn over your blouse or chemise, and it will still look like a fantastic authentic outfit. You can even try one of our Mistress of the Hills corset belts. The combinations are almost limitless, as well as effortless, and with this simple addition, youíre almost done with one of your historical costumes for women!

Now, itís time to move to your waist. Luckily, much Renaissance fashion below the belt for women was pretty simple, so this step will be fairly easy. Skirts are a core part of many historical costumes for women, so as long as you have a few on hand youíre in the clear. Since you already established your color palette with your blouse and bodice or corset belt, narrowing your skirt choices down will be easy.

The final step to really make your outfit one of the great historical costumes for women is choosing some accessories. Try finding a detailed and decorated leather belt or even a traditional silver concho belt. As far as jewelry goes, you can go as ornate as youíd like or keep it low-key. An archeress necklace or a simple velvet choker may be all you need to complete your outfit.

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