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5 Elizabethan Costumes and Ideas Made Easy!

5 Elizabethan Costumes and Ideas Made Easy!

What a trial it is to decide on an Elizabethan costume! There are so many choices, from pirates to dukes, and wenches to court maidens. How can you decide? Many fairegoers will simply choose based on taste alone and choose that which they feel has the best look. For those looking to step into a role, such as a LARPer, role player, or an interactive Ren Faire attendee, the decision becomes easy. Also consider in your decision how different people act, not just the Elizabethan costumes that you might wear. You must measure up to not just the Elizabethan costumes, but also the characters!

Royal Elizabethan Costume

Your choice in clothing will signify your status among the people. To be royal means to act in a high class manner, so only the most luxurious fabrics and embellished dress will do. In order to act courtly, one must look courtly, which can be accomplished with distinguished Elizabethan costumes such as the Courtly Green Brocade dress. Finish off a true royal look with one of our Elizabethan crowns or tiaras matching your rank!

Elizabethan Actor

Play the part of the actor in the Globe Theatre in one of our fine Elizabethan costumes, for male and female actors of all ages. While traditional Shakespearean actors were limited to just men, you can break this one historical fact and be a lady actress as well! Remember to act completely over the top with great arm flourishes while speaking in couplets, rhymes or iambic pentameter. The true test of your acting ability will come when commoners ask you to speak of your good friendship with William Shakespeare!

Elizabethan Chef

Perhaps you can dress the part of an Elizabethan cook, with one of our Elizabethan costumes, an apron and chefís hat? Just be ready to spout off your recipe for Sheppardís Pie, Yorkshire pudding and Ginger bread, should anyone question your talents as a chef! Tell no one the secret to your Sheppardís Pie is your special mashed potatoes recipe. Remember to invite your fellows and ladies to breakfast, dinner and supper instead of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Itís not just what you wear, but how you act! Jewelry and crowns may make a court royal, aprons make the chef, and a script make an actor, but these are all just props. Become the Elizabethan costume that you don! Shop the selection of Elizabethan costumes here at to transform into a proper Elizabethan!

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