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Pirate Wench Costume: For the Adventurous Lass

Yar! Ahoy there young miss and welcome aboard me ship, “The Crimson Wyvern.” It’s not often we be taking aboard young ladies, but ye said ye be looking for adventure. You aren’t honestly thinking about boarding me vessel wearing that are you? A maiden’s gown? That won’t do at all. It will get too weighed down by the salty sea spray and if we ever happen across a gale, ye might be blown overboard. Naw, what ye need instead is a Pirate Wench Costume and I know ye can find one –

What kind of Pirate Wench Costume should I wear?

What? How dare ye be questionin’ the Captain?! I’ve been on this ship longer than ye’ve been alive. If ye want to experience any sort of comfort at all while we be sailing the seven seas, ye be wantin’ a Pirate Wench Costume. Not only will it be providing ye with comfort, but it will make ye look like one of us, which is important because I don’t be needin’ the Royal Navy to be thinkin’ that we took on any prisoners.

Is the Pirate Wench Costume of a good quality?

Do ye want me to toss ye overboard? Of course the Pirate Wench Costume is good! We plundered it from the finest merchant ship in the world. Every man, and woman, on board the “Crimson Wyvern” gets an equal part of the booty so long as they do their fair share. But the “Wyvern” is a large vessel and needs a lot of scrubbin’ and swabbin’. We also have to do a lot of digging, so we can bury our treasure to keep the Royal Navy from gettin’ their grubby hands on it. Up for the challenge?

So if you want to be part of our scurvy crew, you best be outfitting yourself in a pirate wench costume. If ye be lookin’ for one on dry land, I suggest going to See ya on the seas!

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