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Renaissance Wedding Dresses Create Lifetime Memories

Renaissance Wedding Dresses Create Lifetime Memories

The Renaissance was a period of artistic and intellectual creativity, and our Renaissance wedding dresses emphasize these qualities. Whether you are an active participant in historical reenactments or just someone who wants to celebrate the period of time when Michelangelo, da Vinci and Botticelli reigned supreme, we have just the dress to show off your love of history's most celebrated era. You can use your dress as the centerpiece to a Renaissance wedding that features authentic food and entertainment, or just wear one to add a historical touch to a modern wedding ceremony.

The Features of Renaissance Wedding Dresses

These pretty gowns offer authentic touches, such as billowing sleeves and detailed embroidery, so you feel like you are part of a tradition that spans centuries. The dresses are easy to care for, and you can even find machine-washable Renaissance wedding dresses that you can reuse for performances, Renaissance fairs or SCA events. Instead of hiding your gown in a closet after your ceremony, you'll be able to wear it again and again. Many of our gowns are adjustable, so you can tailor your dress to perfectly fit your figure. With these dresses, you can make your special day more romantic than a royal wedding. Your guests will be talking about your celebration and your dress for years to come, and the memories you create will last a lifetime.

Whether your Renaissance persona is a Countess, Duchess, Princess or Queen, our Renaissance wedding dresses lend the perfect touch of authenticity to your look, whether you are having a Renaissance wedding or attending a special festival event. Looking beautiful on your wedding day doesn't mean sacrificing comfort, however. When you choose one of our Renaissance wedding dresses, you can rest assured that you will feel as good as you look throughout the whole ceremony. Once you've selected from our collection of pretty Renaissance wedding dresses, make sure you have all of the accessories and accoutrements that make your outfit complete. You can add a corset, chemise or hoop skirt to enhance your dress even more and make it more authentic-looking. Make your fairytale wedding dreams come true with a Renaissance wedding dress from Pearson's Renaissance Shop.

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