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Renaissance Faire Costumes: Our Top 3 Favorite Women’s Costumes

Renaissance Faire Costumes: Our Top 3 Favorite Women’s Costumes

Magical, mystical, and beautifully crafted: that’s how we would describe our extensive collection of Renaissance faire costumes. No matter what era you are looking for, whether you’re looking for the ideal wench costume or to take to the high seas with your pirate costume, our impressive collection of Renaissance costumes will have it. Of course, we do have some costumes that are our favorite. Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe has gathered our favorite costumes from all different eras and sections of our website, and we hope you agree, too!

Steampunk Skull Pirate Costume: Whether you’re a sea dog or scalawag, this lovely costume will have all the faire goers saying, “Ahoy, purdy lady!” With its elegant features, such as the three-tie bodice and lovely panel skirt, this is one the most favored Renaissance faire costumes in our collection. Not only does this striking costume look authentic, but it comes in seven different colors for you to pick from! In addition to the beautiful style of this costume, it is made of a lighter material which makes it easy to wear during hotter days. This Steampunk Skull Pirate costume will have everyone else walkin’ the plank!

Medieval Lace Wedding Gown Dress: We love to dress up and we know you probably do, too. So on your wedding day, everything should be the way you want it, right? Why not dress up a in a way that means something to you? This Medieval Lace Wedding Gown is one of our favorite Renaissance faire costumes to date, partly because it is so versatile! With the classic and vintage draping sleeves, along with the laced back, this Medieval wedding dress will most definitely make you the fairest maiden of them all!

The Cornwall Gown: Now this is a gown that we just absolutely adore! This elegant masterpiece, found in our Renaissance faire costumes section, is heavily adorned with classic touches from this era. With beautiful gold trim, and very natural and earthy Green color, this gown works best with a farthingale underneath it. In addition, a matching bonnet can be purchased to go along with this enchanting gown! This gown exhibits some of our attention to the finest details, as well as making you look and feel like the royalty you were destined to be.

So if you are looking for the perfect Renaissance faire costumes, we’ve picked out three that we think would look beautiful on any maiden. To shop the rest of our fantastic selection of gowns and costumes, visit

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