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Warm Up in Steampunk Clothing

Warm Up in Steampunk Clothing

Steampunk is quickly becoming a dominating force in fashion today. Everywhere you look Ė movies, TV shows, books, even incorporated into everyday current fashion Ė you can see the influence of this once-underground genre. Steampunk can be a little hard to define, but basically, it is an aesthetic that combines the fashion of British Victorian and American Wild West with the steam-powered technology of the Industrial Revolution. Early examples of this style date back to the works of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. It has since grown to become a full-fledged cultural phenomenon. At Pearsonís Renaissance Shoppe, we are big fans of steampunk clothing style, but when it gets cold out, we are often stuck wondering how we can keep warm while still indulging in the wonderfully unique style of steampunk.

The good news is that most steampunk clothing is dark colored, which will be a big help when trying to keep warm in colder temperatures. As with many other styles, the key is layering up! For guys, start with a solid foundation, like our Engineer Shirt. Itís a neutral color and it will be your first layer of protection from the cold. Then, pop on a waistcoat. We have a wide selection of vests in a variety of styles, like our Engineer Vest and Airship Flying Vest. For bottoms, any of our dark-colored pants, like our Airship Pants and Empire Pants, will keep the warmth in and protect from cold breezes. For extra protection, consider our Empire Gentlemanís Steampunk Coat. This long coat will certainly keep you warm all winter long. Complete your outfit with a pair of Railroader Boots and youíll be ready to face the elements in steampunk style!

For women, itís just as easy to assemble a warm and stylish outfit with steampunk clothing as it is for guys! Just like with guys, grab yourself a Ladies Engineer Shirt. These white shirts work well to keep you warm and can be matched with just about anything. Next, you can use our Leather Airship Pirate Map Under-bust Corset or Leather Clockwork Under-bust Corset Ė not only do they look smashing, they also help keep you warm! Add in our Empire Womenís Steampunk Gown and you are almost all set. Choose from our selection of high boots, like our Steampunk Princess Boots, and toss on our Steampunk Cadet Hat, and your cold weather steampunk clothing ensemble is complete!

The great thing about steampunk is that you can mix and match elements and even create your own. Use your imagination and youíll be able to find innovative ways to keep yourself warm and fully steampunk!

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