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Menís and Boyís Renaissance Pants

Menís and Boyís Renaissance Pants

Faux suede, velvet, cotton or twill, is sure to have the Renaissance pants that you have been searching for! Women rarely wore pants during the Renaissance, so most of our options for ladies are of the Renaissance dress variety, but here are a few of the pants options we have for menÖ

1. Men often wore breeches in Renaissance times, which are simply knee length pants or trousers. The long breeches we offer at Pearsonís feature a button-fly front with a drawstring so you donít need to worry about wearing a belt. These suave Renaissance pants are heavy enough to be used for fighting, but the baggy style also allows for comfort. Pair these useful pants with a loose fitting cotton shirt and a doublet, and youíll be ready for anything!

2. Close-fitting stockings called hosen were made from wool, and worn as undergarments. Even though it was expensive, sometimes noblemen would knit silk hosen. When you wear hosen youíll have women swooning over you everywhere you go! The hosen Renaissance pants at are made mostly of cotton, allowing you breathable comfort, but also have a pinch of spandex, so the hosen can cling to body and easily move along with you.

3. Full length pants with a drawstring waist were referred to as trews, and worn mostly by peasants and lower class men. Our trews have a drawstring waist as well as ankle ties for a customizable, comfortable fit. You can also mix your look up and wear these versatile Renaissance pants bunched and tied at your knees. Wear these trews with a shiny pair of leather knee high boots, and youíll be ready for wherever the day takes you!

We also offer plenty more leather, cotton and faux suede pants to suit all of your Renaissance pants needs, including Renaissance pants for children. The handy clothing makers at consider their craft an art and pride themselves on doing all they can to make their customers happy. Stop by today and browse through our selection of menís and boyís Renaissance pants to see the quality and style for yourself!

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