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Medieval Crowns:  The Crowning Achievement

Medieval Crowns: The Crowning Achievement

Praise the heavens! Your Highness, to what do I owe the pleasure of having you visit my humble shoppe? Does your father know you are here, my Prince? Oh, he is preparing to lead the army off to war? Well I'm but a jeweler and fine metal worker; I can scarcely make any articles of war! Plus, I don't think it would be a good idea to have a golden sword or helmet. It's a very malleable metal, which is no good if you are going to fight, you see.

Oh, I'm sorry for interrupting my Liege. Oh, I see, you were interested in looking at what I have to offer in terms of Medieval crowns? Your father already has the finest Kingís Crown in all the land, and he is the perfect specimen of physical wellness. I think you ought not to worry about Medieval crowns for quite some time my young friend. Ah yes, of course, in case something unexpected and unfortunate happens in battle! Sorry, sometimes I don't always think things through. That's why you wear the Medieval crowns and I just make them. Well of course, come on in and I'll show you what I can.

Medieval Crowns for the Many Roles of a Ruler!

You see, Your Highness, we have several different styles of Medieval crowns here at It really all depends upon what you feel best represents you as a ruler, and also what is comfortable for you to wear while in court, public, or combat. Remember, you will be King one day and therefore your crown should be quite special, but if you need to lead the army you don't want to be weighed down.

This Dark Ages Medieval crown is a fine example of a crown that is both ornate, yet refined. It is made of the finest brass with a hand hammered look for authenticity. It is even decorated with replica sapphires to add that important royal edge, and should have no trouble staying on your head in the heat of battle!

My Lord, the above is just one example of the Medieval crowns that you can find here in my shoppe. Your father has entrusted all his fine work to me all these years. I pray that when it is your turn to lead this kingdom, a long time from now, that you will find the same favor in me.

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