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Wench Costumes: Wenches Have More Fun!

There are a lot of negative connotations to the term “wench.” We don't understand why this is the case. Wenches have some of the most important and entertaining jobs in the entire kingdom. The local drinking tavern is the most important establishment in any Medieval village. It is where almost everyone stops by for a drink, to share information, to find work, and to find companions who are traveling to similar destinations. Think of the wealth of culture that a serving wench could absorb while working at a tavern! If you are suddenly inspired to hand in your application, you're first going to need to look at all the wench costumes we have to offer at

Wench Costumes: Looking the Part

If you are going to take up the mantra of Medieval wench, you are going to need to look that part. Authentic wench costumes from will certainly help you look like a Medieval tavern server. There are a couple of variations on the traditional wench costume. For example, if you are strictly sticking to the ale, then here is a tavern wench costume that you can use. Or perhaps you are more of the nomadic type of wench who travels about the countryside? If so, then you may be more interested in this gypsy wench costume. Make sure to explore our entire selection of wench wear to find the costume that is perfect for you!

General Historical Costuming

Every so often you will come across an event or encounter where you are encouraged to dress in “period clothing.” Wench costumes can help you to always have attractive costuming ready to go. Renaissance costumes have the ability to cover a large span of history, and one costume can keep you looking amazing at several events, including Halloween, a Renaissance faire, a fall harvest festival, a theatrical production, or a historical society costume event. You'll always be good to go!

So make sure to visit to see all of the authentic, comfortable, and affordable wench costumes that we have to offer. You never know what you may find!

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