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The Steampunk SkirtÖ and Beyond!

The Steampunk SkirtÖ and Beyond!

From obscurity to a full-blown phenomenon, Steampunk has become an extremely popular counterculture that would make H.G. Wells blush. Steampunk describes a fashion trend and culture where men and women remix Victorian era style clothing with industrial and Gothic imagery. Steampunk fashion is unique and beautiful, with strong concentration on details. Women have a copious amount of options when it comes to Steampunk couture and fashion. Below is a simple guide to get any lady started with her Steampunk wardrobe:

The Steampunk Skirt

In Steampunk, women are often dressed in Victorian gowns or ruffled skirts. A Steampunk skirt is a popular article of clothing for many Steampunk women, especially those whose character goes on many adventures. Like many of the fashion choices in the genre, the perfect Steampunk skirt should reflect the Victorian era style of clothing. Ruffled and frilled skirts are extremely popular choices when choosing a Steampunk skirt. Corsets are often utilized when wearing a Steampunk skirt, and the addition of a bustle underneath the skirt is a great way to further the Victorian aesthetic of an outfit. Of course, itís important to decide on the archetype of your character as many characters may find a Steampunk skirt to be impractical to their characterís traits and qualities. Deciding on a character will make selecting a Steampunk wardrobe much easier. Besides a Steampunk skirt, another great clothing option is the Steampunk corset.

Steampunk Corset

Steampunk corsets are stunning garments for many Steampunk costumes, and can help successfully tie a Victorian look together. The combination of a Steampunk skirt and corset is an ever popular choice for a variety of archetypes and women. Steampunk corsets can be worn with a Steampunk skirt, Steampunk pants or Steampunk dresses. When it comes to a multi-purpose accessory, the Steampunk corset reigns supreme!

Steampunk Dress

A Steampunk skirt can leave the wearer with many options to keep their look fresh and updated. However, many Steampunk women often prefer Steampunk dresses to a skirt. Commonly, Steampunk dresses are long and almost gown like to keep up with the Victorian era style. Petticoats, hats, corsets and jewelry are often worn to complete the look while wearing a Steampunk dress. Again, itís crucial to determine a character archetype before committing to wearing a Steampunk dress!

There are many options available when it comes to choosing Steampunk outfits, and among the most exciting elements of Steampunk is choosing and finding the perfect garb. Itís important to make sure your clothes reflect your personality while also sticking with the Victorian era theme. If youíre looking for the best selection of Steampunk accessories or the perfect Steampunk skirt, is your number one Steampunk source. Whether youíre a dirigible pilot or zombie slayer, weíll have what youíll need!

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