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Choosing A Steampunk Outfit: Start with the Best Basics

Choosing A Steampunk Outfit: Start with the Best Basics

Steampunk may be the most awesome style to take hold in decades Ė a different version of the 19th century dominated by steam. You want to get involved, but how do you choose the perfect steampunk outfit for you? Pearsonís Renaissance Shoppe has a huge variety of steampunk fashion for you to start building (or adding to) your steampunk collection today!

Like any other style of clothing, itís best to start with some essential items and continue collecting complementary pieces until youíve built a wardrobe of steampunk outfits. For both men and women, start with the essentials: a gown or dress for the ladies, and a shirt and pants for the guys. Choose a style you really feel is a good fit with your personality and will work with some of the other items you will want to incorporate into the final costume.

Ladies, once you have your main piece of attire, itís time to get creative. Cinchers and corsets are essential steampunk outfit staples, but you can also add a bustle, a cape, or a hat and veil. We have the skirts, shrugs, and bodices that will bring your steampunk outfit to life. Since many of the items share the steampunk color scheme, youíll be able to mix and match them for a variety of looks.

Gentlemen, after youíve selected the perfect shirt and pant combination, youíre ready for either a steampunk vest or a coat. You have a variety of looks from which to choose including Empire, Britannia guard, Dorian, and Engineer.

The next step Ė ladies, control yourselves Ė is footwear! Our selection of boots and shoes is perfect for completing your steampunk outfit. Incorporating both the colors and the stylistic elements of steampunk into your shoes really allows your entire costume to take off.

To bring the entire steampunk outfit together, youíll need a few pieces of steampunk jewelry. The necklaces, pendants, earrings, and cuffs you need are all here with the distinctive stylings of this invented era! Mix and match to make your steampunk outfit unique.

As you continue collecting, youíll be able to put more and more items into your steampunk wardrobe. So donít wait to start building your steampunk collection. Get off your airship and choose the best clothing for your steampunk outfit today!

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