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Experiment with Steampunk Hats

Experiment with Steampunk Hats

When it comes to emerging trends that are slowly creeping into mainstream fashion, steampunk is most certainly one of the few at the forefront. You can see steampunk inspiration pervading television shows, movies, fashion shows Ė even in everyday life! With so much interest growing in the world of steampunk, itís only natural to give the look a try for yourself. While some people immerse themselves completely in the steampunk trend, for some people it may seem a little too extreme from their usual day-to-day outfits. Perhaps you want to dip your toe into the steampunk wave without making a huge commitment. Thatís no problem! At, we have a large selection of steampunk hats that look great paired with todayís mainstream fashion.

Generally, steampunk hats come in browns, blacks, and other dark and earthly colors. Meant to evoke the old-time photographs of the Victorian era, these sepia-toned colors not only immediately remind people of a specific time and place, even if it is partly based on science fiction and fantasy. Luckily, these colors can be matched with many of todayís mainstream styles. Our Steampunk Cadet Hat is one of our most popular hats, and itís also one of our most adaptable pieces. Made from high quality and comfortable suede, these steampunk hats can be worn with full steampunk costumes and can be dressed down with jeans, a blouse, and a blazer.

One of the hallmarks of steampunk style is an antiqued look. Since it takes inspiration from the early industrial era, the steampunk culture often employs objects and pieces of clothing that have a vintage, well-worn look. Take a look at our Antiqued Leather Spitfire Cap. This cap, made from high quality leather, is given a broken-in, antiqued look that so many steampunk enthusiasts strive for. The best part about this hat is its versatility. It has enough steampunk attitude to satisfy your curiosity and it also has a great vintage look that can be paired with many casual outfits.

There are many ways to try the steampunk style with steampunk hats. Steampunk is all about creativity, and thatís all you need to add steampunk flair to your personal style. If you have any other tips for the steampunk beginner involving steampunk hats, let us know!

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